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March 31, 2004


Jim Dicken

Excellent work. Picks the best of the best. Definitely a book I needed to help me do my job better.
Jim Dicken
Owner Fishing Guides Home Page


WOW.....a Blog about a book about sites on the web.
There is a lesson to be learned there I think ;)

Keep posting in your blog :)



Intersting read..I will return.

Alan Johnston

Dear Big Game Fishers,

This weekend I had the pleasure to fish with my new PRO 20TR trolling reel one of the latest brand of Salt Water Fishing Reels developed by PRO Challenger. This new company that claims to be "The Advantage Over The Competition" is truly making a claim for their self proclaimed title with the manufacturing of quality reels like the PRO 20TR.

PRO Challenger's PRO 20TR is one of few big game fishing reel on the market today that is made out of one-piece T-6061 aluminum frame; CNC'ed to perfection. The PRO 20TR along with all of PRO Challenger's Aluminum PRO Series reels (PRO 12TR, 12TRL....50TR, 80TR) are standard fitted with titanium drag plate and Teflon brake washer.

The notched progressive drag system gives anglers a solid feedback on the amount of drag setting. The perfect sized drag pressure knob is easy to adjust, and was designed so there's no worry of drag setting being changed over time. The rather large crank handle feels really good and the crank arm was also made out of perfectly polished, gold anodized aluminum which matches the reel's stylish design.

The reel seat is made out of heavy duty stainless steel with four large screws holding it to the 1/4" thick body base frame. The clicker is also very well designed, easy to flip yet not easy to be un-flipped accidentally, and the clicker is loud enough so you can hear that heavenly ZZZZZZZZZZZZ even when the engine is running. The rounded side plate not only gives a stylish appearance, but it also reduces the possibility of causing dents or scratches to the neighboring reels. Oh yes, it feels good when holding it in hand.

The masculine sleek frame resembles many of today’s top-end big game reels equal to all and superior to many in quality and at a much more affordable cost than all. The dark gold anodized reel frame is perfect for long term use and durability. Gold anodized reels have been proven to withstand rough salty conditions and the best part is easy to take care.

The size of the PRO 20TR is equivalent to the 25 class reels that can hold 30 or 40lb mono lines. With its extremely smooth and heavy-duty lever drag design system, this reel can be used either for trolling or Stand-up fishing, perfect for catching Yellowtails, Yellowfin or Bluefin Tuna as well as some larger exotic fishes such as Sail fish and Marlins.

As a new comer, PRO Challenger offers very competitive pricing for their fishing reels without sacrificing the design, quality, strength and the craftsmanship needed to compete against the most notable reels in the fishing industry. PRO Challenger also offers one of the industry best five (5) year warranty for their PRO Series reels. Give it some time, this reel and its family of other reels (PRO Series) will be making a big slash in the sports fishing community very soon and for many years to come.

Mike "The Reel" Saunders


I'm a south florida deep sea fishing captain and I post my reports on Florida's F.I.N.. They have been around for years and regularly post fishing reports from guides all over Florida.


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Great post thanks for spending the time to sort through the endless sites and find the ones that have substance for anglers keep up the good work.

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